Fixed Ceramic Restoration

Crown and Bridge

A) Layered zirconia(Full Arch)

All ceramics used Ivoclar and Norataki Porcelain

B) Porcelain fused to nobel, high nobel or non-precious metal

C) Implant crown and bridge

D) All zirconia crowns (bruxer crown)

E) All zirconia implant full arch(Prettaue)

F) Screw retained crown and Bridges

The advantage of Screw Retained Implant Crown and Bridges and Benefits:

  • Easy to Recover
  • More Retentive and no damage occurs upon. removable(In case of chipped or fractured).
  • Easy to repaire and screw back.
  • Also used in cases that lacks parallism.
  • Used with limited inter-occlusal distance.

G) E-max veeners and full contour

H) Custom Abutments

We offer all our custom abutments through Astra-Tech.Atlantis Abutments provides an excellent products for best possible function and esthetics.

Atlantis Abutments individually designed for implant based on cement pr screw retained restorations and indicated for all positions and support single-partial and full jaw cement-retained restoration

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