Serving the dental industry since 1996

At Hi-Tech Dental Lab, service quality and technology come together to provide your patients with the most reliable and natural prosthesis solutions available.


The success of a great partial denture depends on the proper designing and planning of the case. The cast partials developed at Hi-Tech Laboratory are as per the exact specifications of our customers.


Provide a denture that is functionally stable, comfortable to wear, and is aesthetically pleasing for the patient.


Hi-Tech Dental Lab will make an immediate denture prior to implant placement. The surgeon will remove all remaining teeth and enough bone to achieve 15mm of interocclusal space.

Fixed Restoration

All ceramic work is contoured in powder and shaped to tooth form. This results in less grinding, maintaining accuracy in chroma.

Local pick-up / delivery in Houston and the surrounding area.


1 Offices outside our pick-up / delivery area


2 Shipping is paid both ways Using 2 day shipping service


3 Over night we simply apply a one-way shipping charge to your invoice. We provide you with preprinted shipping labels.